Almac Supply Chain Management Personas

Almac Supply Chain Management Personas PDF

What I contributed to our persona efforts

I researched and created these personas to support my product team in designing a dashboard for Supply Chain Managers that used Almac's IXRS 3.0 platform. The Supply Chain Manager was our focus, however our research interviews involved a number of roles in supply chain management including Depot Distribution Coordinators, Supply Chain Project Group Managers and Supply Chain Solutions Managers. When I was introduced to the project, my product managers were interviewing everyone as if they did the same job and had the same needs and goals. It was important for our team to learn more about all of these roles, how they differed, how each had different primary goals and how each had very significant needs that could be filled by a well-designed dashboard. It was also important to be able to remember and reference these differences easily and realize that we would need to have only one true primary persona to keep the project on track and within scope. 

Due to the complex nature of supply chain management and our team's new exposure to the finer details of each role, these personas are a cross between Enricher and Comparison Facilitator documents. There are three major categories of persona artifacts: Buzz Generators, Comparison Facilitators, and Enricher documents. Buzz Generators are cheat sheets and more about generating excitement and anticipation for personas. Comparison facilitators are helpful artifacts that emphasize key differences between personas. Enrichers are heavy in specific aspects about a user. The following personas are purposefully information dense. They are much different than the personas I worked with at other organizations. My team needed to know and be able to reference the necessary details concerning the work process of each role and what tools they used and how they used them to achieve their goals. Prior to creating these persona sheets we were working with too many false assumptions and grouping the wrong tasks within supply chain management at Almac. It was crucial to do thorough research and create these personas for our team. 

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